Leoma is one of my favorite artists, known for her very-large tropical wildlife paintings that are rendered in vibrant Warholian colors. They are like nothing you've ever seen. She's also a brilliant marketer, and with the help of her husband Mike is making big inroads into the international arts scene.
This is the home page for the winter home of Thomas Edison in Fort Myers, where my novel, All This Belongs to Me is set. Much of the book includes details of the incredible gardens there, and this website tells what is blooming when. The home has recently been restored and is one of the historic gems of Florida. Definitely worthy of a trip if you're anywhere on the peninsula, Sarasota and south
This is the historic country club in Macon, Georgia, that provided a great deal of the inspiration for Sugar Day Country Club in my novel, Southern Living. We lived on the edge of this course when my wife was publisher of the newspaper there, though we did not belong to the club, much to the chagrin and disbelief of Macon's old guard. Meander through this site and look at the very cool multi-generational family names. My new adopted home: Nashville! Energetic and fun, great food and events, and filled with smart, creative people. Star sightings are commonplace, but Nashvillians leave the singers and actors alone. It is an unspoken rule in this city that you never bother a celebrity except with a polite hello or nod of the head. Those who ask for a photograph or autograph will be whisked off to prison.
My novels often include a lot of details about food - I like to cook - and this is one of my favorite recipe sites, the combined databases of recipes for both Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. It has a nifty, helpful search engine.
The official visitors' site for greater Macon, Georgia. Explore this site and you'll find plenty of details that you'll recognize from my novel, Southern Living. Macon is a historic, cultural gem and often gets overlooked because it sits in the shadow of Savannah, but Macon actually has more buildings on the national historic register than any other Georgia city. It also has a rich musical heritage, having spawned names like Otis Redding (his wife still has a shoe store downtown), Little Richard and the Allman Brothers. Next time you're zipping south to Florida in the car, pull off of I-75 and explore this wonderful little city.