Speaking Engagements
Jean Dayton
Dayton Booking
2753 E. Pedigo Bay Drive
Bloomington, IN 47401
I not only write; I talk, too. Conventions, annual meetings, library groups, bookstores, schools, universities, tea parties, Moms' groups. To set something up just click on the agent's email to the right of this paragraph, and say, "Hey, Jean, we need a good laugh. Please send Ad over."

Ad speaks at Southern Voices 2010

"Ad? Ad is certainly someone you want to spend time with, listen to and learn from. His delivery? Hugely engaging, cleverly fun, all the while Ad keeps the energy revolving and the entertainment interesting. We look forward to his return visit."
-Cynthia Grabenbauer,
Marketing & Publicity,
The Vero Beach Book Center,
Vero Beach, FL

"I love (Ad's) ability to mix with such a diverse span of people - he communicates with a caring you will long remember. A bit of an edge, a bit quirky and a lot of affection goes into his unique sense of humor. … I have seen his ability to hold an audience of one or a roomful - his enthusiasm is infectious and he ends up making everyone feel they have had a great time."
-Della Yersin,
Burlington (Colorado) Public Library System

"Ad's impression of a mountain lion is absolutely first-rate!"
-Ranger Roger,
Glacier National Park,

"Of all the writers and speakers I've encountered, none have been as easy to work with or as rewarding to have on-board as Ad Hudler. When he's at the front of a room, Ad exhibits the comfort, ease and intimacy of a friendly chat over beer with all the wisdom and insight of a cherished mentor. Whether it's because of his humor or advice, I have yet to see him fail to win over an audience."
-Chris Horne,
Crossroads Writers' Conference
Macon, Georgia

"Ad Hudler has a talent for being laugh-out-loud funny while simultaneously hitting upon basic truths about life and relationships with a sensibility seldom found in male writers. When a guy is this comfortable in his own skin it’s as much a joy to read his novels and essays as it is to listen to him describe the writing of them."
-Sally Bissell,
Southwest Florida Reading Festival